Vintage Louis Vuitton - Authentic Louis Vuitton Handbags And Purses

High fashion, great looks. The name Louis Vuitton should be familiar to anyone in the fashion industry, and in fact it is probably quite familiar to just about anyone in the western world. Louis Vuitton is now one of the first names thought of when the topic of high quality fashion comes up. LV is known best for handbags, but they also produce shoes and many other items. Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 and from the beginning it has risen to become one of the world`s most famous design houses of high quality luxury goods. In the beginning Louis Vuitton mostly manufactured luggage, and spacious steamer trunks. Handbags were also an early part of the Louis Vitton fashion line.

Louis Vuitton luggage has been a success from the time the company first went into operation, and business grew so fast that Louis Vuitton soon need to relocate, and in 1860 the company moved to the town of Asnieres. In 1885, Louis Vuitton experienced yet another bout of expansion and opened the first London store. The product line also began to progress and in 1888 the now signature Damier Pattern was introduced.

This was a pattern consisting checkerboard of light and dark brown boxes. Today it is one of the signature classic looks printed on countless LV items. Shortly after this, in 1896, Louis Vuitton craft designed the famous Monogram Canvas style, which is another Louis Vuitton brand original. The Monogram Canvas is the most successful selling canvas even to today.

The LV line was originally featured 12 classic styles, but in time Louis Vuitton introduced the addition to the classic monogram canvas. In 1924 the Keepall was introduced in three different sizes, and in 1932 the Noe handbag was added to the product line. With the popularity and high price of Louis Vuitton goods, low quality replicas soon began to appear. There was soon a thriving industry of skilled counterfeiters. In fact Louis Vuitton items are some of the most counterfeited goods in the world. For Louie Vitton imitation does not equal flattery. Fake Louis Vuitton products are ubiquitous across the globe, larger cities are particularly popular locations for the sale sof these illicit wares. These counterfeit handbags fabricated form inferior materials, and can be purchased for a fraction of the price.

Since October, 1896 the Monogram canvas material has been Louis Vuitton`s hallmark of luxurious design. The Louis Vuitton Monogram is bold and unique. It is 100% water-resistant and resists scrapes and wear.

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